photography fees


You may book a session individually, or share the session – and the travel expenses – with others at the same location. Depending on the available light, what type of photos you require, and how organized you are, Terri may be able to photograph up to 10 horses in a day’s session.

PHOTO SESSION FEES  All sessions include:

  • Pre-Shoot consultation during which you and Terri will go over the details of your upcoming Photo Session.
  • Convenient on-line posting of carefully Selected, professionally presented images in your own Personal Proof Gallery.
  • A 4x6 bound flip book of lightly watermarked printed proofs of each image in your gallery (75 images max).

The Photo Session Fee begins at $300.00 for a single horse, photographed for personal (this means non-commercial, non-advertising) use. 1 or 2 more horses, and/or multiple humans, may be added to the same set up as a group for $100.00. Additional horses to be photographed individually may be added at $200.00 each.

Photo sessions for advertising and/or commercial use will be priced according to the scope of the use of the photos.

Your session and fee will be taylored to your individual needs, and will depend on several factors:

  • How many horses will be photographed, and how many different situations we will be photographing the horse(s) in?
  • Where are you? - are you nearby, or will getting to you and your horses require a long drive or flying across the country? Depending on your location, travel expenses may include airfare, rental car, mileage, lodging, equipment shipment.
  • How will the photos be used? Will they be solely for personal use, such as sharing with friends giving as gifts or creating your Terri Miller Painted Portrait? If so, your only additional costs are for prints, files or products that you order. See What You Can Order, below. Or will you be advertising your horse, your business or your products with the photos? In this case, your fee will reflect the scope of your advertising or promotion.


Photo sessions are usually best scheduled for early morning or late afternoon - the perfect time depends on your location and the time of year. Terri looks for backgrounds that are free from distractions such as poles, telephone lines and vehicles. It is helpful to have an additional person as an assistant during the shoot to keep track of things like fly spray, wardrobe and of course, help get horses' ears up. Arranging for that extra person yourself will save you paying an assistant's fee.

Liberty photos - These are usually done in a safe pasture or paddock. The paddock needs to be large enough, and with good enough footing, for a horse to trot and canter comfortably, and large enough for a photographer and assistants to feel comfortable inside it with them.... But you don't need acres of open space, either! Depending on the size of the paddock and the nature of the horse, liberty sessions may require 2-4 additional people: please keep this in mind when scheduling this type of photo session.

Conformation - Level ground is paramount for good conformation photos. The footing should not obscure the horse's hooves, so a solid surface or good arena footing often works best. If you have grass, it should be cut short. If Terri never been to your location before, "scout" your location by standing with the sun behind you at the time of day that we will be shooting, and look for clean, unobstructed backgrounds.

Under Saddle - Good footing, of course! It's your choice whether to dress for schooling or as if you are going to a show, but either way, clean tack, saddle pads and boots always look best. If you're dressing in show attire, please braid appropriately for your horse breed: for less formal sessions, whether to braid is up to you. An outdoor location is strongly recommended: indoor photography will often require special lighting equipment, and may incur additional fees.

Portraits - There are many options for portrait photos, from jeans-and-tee-shirt casual to formal wear or show attire. The choices are yours! All the possibilities will be discussed during your Pre-Session Consultation.


You will have two ways to view your proofs:

  • On line at in your own private, password-protected gallery.
  • A bound proof book of watermarked proofs. Just like the old days, you'll be able to carry this around to show your friends in person!

Having both ways of viewing your proofs makes it easy to keep track of your favorites (use sticky notes in your proof book, or create a Favorites folder on the website), and makes them more fun to share and show them off!

Terri's approach to proof presentation puts quality images foremost. You will never have to guess how good a photo is! Here are some of the enhancements that your photos will go through before you even see the proofs:

  • Careful editing -- you will ONLY see the "Selects" that show you and your horse at your best. Terri only presents the very best images for your inspection.
  • Photo enhancements -- your photos will be straightened, cropped and color corrected prior to proof posting/printing. Minor distractions are retouched.
  • Cataloguing and archival backup -- ten years from now, Terri will still be able to find your photos, even if you can't!

For every day that Terri photographs, she spends AT LEAST one day on these important steps! Your session fee pays for this work as well as her time behind the camera.


PHOTO PRINTS can be ordered at any time in sizes up to 30" x 40". Choose glossy photo paper, metallic finish photo paper (this paper has a shimmer that really enhances a horse's coat!) or canvas -- all are museum grade. All canvas prints are stretched so they they can be framed without glass like an oil painting. See my Reprint Price List for a pricing outline.

MONTAGES These are carefully crafted compositions of a variety of photos. They often include textures, patterns and backgrounds that compliment the images, and can incorporate objects, text or symbols of your own life. These montages are unique works of art!

MUGS, GREETING CARDS and OTHER COOL STUFF These make great gifts and promotional products.

DIGITAL FILES are prepared as carefully, and with as much attention to detail, as finished prints. Files can be ordered in either Web-ready or Print-ready sizes. Packages can be taylored to include as many digital files as you feel will fit your needs, however, at at no time will files be delivered in non-prepared form.

RETOUCHING Minor retouching is included in print and digital file prices; major retouching, such as changing backgrounds, removing leadropes, etc, is billed at $100.00 per hour in 1/4 hour increments.

Deposit - A deposit of $150.00 is required to schedule a photo session. The balance, including travel expenses and sales tax if within California, must be paid at the time of the photo session.


Terri is shooting at a limited number of shows this year and will USUALLY only photograph those horses that have signed up in advance.

Service Fee per horse / rider $35.00 with online proofs (usually 15-40 Selected images)
4"x6" Printed Proof Book [optional] Includes a 4"x6" watermarked printed proof of each photo in your gallery....... $135.00

5" x 5" Hard Bound Book: these high quality beauties include 25-35 of your favorite images of one horse at one show. Printed on 20 heavyweight lay-flat pages, these miniature coffee table books are the perfect size for a purse or briefcase. $295.00

10" x 10" Hard Bound Book: These are high end, completely custom projects. Choose images from one horse at one show, or from your entire herd over the course of a year. Crafted by one of the top album printers in the country, these books are a joy to view and handle. Sign on for a Year of Your Horse project and a personal photo session is included in the price. Prices start at $950.00

Sign Ups can be done on line: click here and select to the show you are entered in. Or stop by the Terri Miller Paintings and Photos booth at the show and sign up in person.

Below you will find PDFs for ordering show images. A wider range of products and sizes is available when ordering on line! Copyright pricing listed below is for individual image licensing.

2014 Show Photo Sign Up

2014 Photography Price List